Whitestone Dentist | How to Keep your Smile Healthy Between Dental Visits

With everything that is going on in the world right now it’s easy to put our dental health on the back burner. However, during this time self-care is more important now than ever and maintaining good oral health is an important part of supporting a healthy immune system. 

Here are our quick and easy tips that you can integrate into your self-care regimen to keep your mouth healthy and your smile sparkling

  1. Brush at Least 2X daily.
    Brushing is an integral part of maintaining oral health and is the most effective way of brushing off tartar before it accumulates. When plaque accumulates, it causes gum disease and bone loss. When brushing use soft circular motions angled down at the gum line. Not sold yet?  It also gets rid of bad breath causing bacteria so your mouth can stay fresh.
  2. Floss!
    Have you ever heard the expression that you should only floss the teeth you want to keep? Well, it’s true! Flossing is truly the only way to clean the tight spaces between teeth and around the gum line. If you’re just brushing, you’re not doing enough!
  3. Avoid snacking
    This statement may just cause a riot. It’s completely understandable to want to indulge during times of stress. We get it! But those sticky, sweet, chewy snacks increase your likelihood for developing cavities. Cavities= decay = eventual toothache. While we are here for your emergency tooth aches we sincerely want to avoid them from happening in the first place. So please snack in moderation.
  4. Limit Sugary Drinks
    Take sugar with your coffee? That counts too folks! We’re not just talking about soda and fruit juices. When you drink these sugary beverages, you are bathing your teeth in sugar. Take a sip of your coffee and then look inside your mouth- you will see your morning pick me up gathered in all the little crevices in your teeth! Whenever you indulge in one of these liquid treats remember to wash it down with a gulp of water. Bringing us to our next point…
  5. Drink more water!
    Drinking water is an essential part of keeping your mouth and body healthy. A well hydrated mouth creates fewer opportunities for cavities to develop!
  6. Avoid Smoking
    As the old adage goes, easier said than done. Now may be the perfect opportunity for you to kick this bad habit once and for all. The health risks are widely known, but did you know the effect on your oral health? Not only does smoking increase your risk for oral cancers, but it also limits blood flow to your mouth as well as drying out your mouth so that smokers are at an increased risk for developing oral infections and decay.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your mouth healthy between dental visits and your smile in tip-top shape until you can visit us in person.

For your safety and the safety of others if you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency avoid visiting emergency rooms or urgent care centers. We are here for all emergencies so if you do have an emergency or are unsure please contact us immediately at (718) 767-9224.