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Self-Care: A Woman’s Priority | Whitestone NY Cosmetic Dentist


When you travel by plane, your flight attendant will advise that in the rare case of  

an emergency, you must first put on your air  

mask before attempting to help those around  

you. When this is not followed, the results can  

be catastrophic, both for you and for those  

you might otherwise have been in a position  

to assist. While this is crucial information for  

all, many women particularly require this  

gentle reminder to prioritize their own needs  

above those of others.  

All too often, we meet women who work tirelessly to fulfill the needs of their families. We  see working moms, both at home and in office, who prioritize the health and wellness of  their children, spouse and even friends before their own.  

We get it: there’s joy and fulfillment in taking care of others. However, it may be time to  “put on your oxygen mask” and consider whether you are remembering to care for  yourself. Your health, both mental and physical, should be one of your top priorities.  This will allow you to have the energy and strength you need to assist with the needs of  those around you.  

Smile restoration can take years off your appearance, while adding years to your life by  improving your health. If you’re looking for a way to jump start your new self-care  inclusive way of living, contact us for a cosmetic consultation. Your friends and family  will love to see you with a vibrant, beautiful, healthy smile. You deserve it. Contact Kaggen Dental Care today.

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